Monday, May 31, 2004

Yea the fence is up and we seem to have survived the monsoon

Well, the training ended on Friday after two full days and a good experience, the students enjoyed the class and I didn't run into anything that I couldn't find the answer for.

On Saturday we started the fence behind our place, the digging crew arrived at 9 and we were putting starting on the stringers and fence boards by 9:30-9:45. I spent the first 30 minutes running around looking for things, interesting thing was that several of the items that I was requested to find I had sorted, found and placed in/on my workbench the week before - I had taken time to clean up and get this ready because I could foresee that I would need many of my tools and that I didn't know where several of them were - S on the other had thought this was mostly a waste of time - "the tools are all there right? You stuffed them under the bench months ago when we cleaned up for the party." Now while this is true, it's funny how a 7 and a 5 think differently, so far as she was concerned that was enough - they were in the general area of where they should be. But I didn't 'know' where they were so it wasn't enough - I was trying to dance around not knowing what I would need by having (knowing) everything - typical 5 reaction really.

At 5 in the afternoon the monsoon started and it rained from 5 on Saturday until this afternoon around 4 - total of some 30-40mm of rain - that's a lot for us.

The farmers are happy (at least some of them are) the hay will be growing this year and the pastures will green up.

We can't go back into the back yard for a while - probably 3-5 days of sun at least - oh well their is still lots of painting to do.


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