Thursday, June 03, 2004

Well they copped out...

The General Synod copped out...They've delayed a decision on Blessing of Same Sex Relationships at least until 2007. Giving us 3 more years of confusion and turmoil. Some more diocese will probably go ahead and OK a rite, which will just cause further turmoil that the national body will not be able to speak about because it has no position, for or against - that's the real problem with delaying the decision, the vacuum we find ourselves in.

One other thing I'm trying to understand is that several native members of synod mentioned that they to preferred the delay - apparently their people don't understand this issue or it isn't relevant to them. I probably don't have a good picture of the issue here - the GS2004 web site has been a little bit disappointing. But I'm concerned that what is emerging is a race based veto - if the native communities don't understand then we delay? I even heard one native member indicating that the intention is to create a separate native church management structure - apart from Synod...Don't understand if that's formal policy or his own idea. If that's the case - a separate native governance structure coming in - they why would we delay this decision to wait for them - they're just going to break away anyway? Need more info on this one.

The announcement was made today of the opening of the first Metis child and family welfare centre - I have to say it concerns me greatly when we have police forces, child and family service centers etc. That are racially based. If I had suggested that I'd like to have a child and family center opened that would service only whites of western European stock I'd be shot, and they'd be right. Why is it ok to open a race based government service for one race and not the other? If we are all Canadians and all people are truly equal then why are we doing this?

Ranting over have a good one.

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