Sunday, May 23, 2004

Election '04

Well they're off and running - election on 28 June, just after my birthing recall day. See the page from the
The Globe and Mail.

Problem is that much difference has yet to appear, the two major parties that have any hope of winning are attempting to convince us that they are very different but in fact they support many similar policies. I'm getting very tired if the Liberals trying to paint the conservatives as radicals, harper has given up much of what made the reform/alliance party important in order to join with the PC's. I wanted to see true reforms in government and some (though not all) of the items that the alliance stood for would have done that. A triple-e senate (Equal, Elected and Effective) is a must as is having all votes in the commons as free votes.

I've subscribed to the G&M's daily newsletter on the election and I'll be commenting if I see anything that might be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

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