Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Greetings and Felicitations

Hey, Welcome to 5Life - the ramblings of a serious 5. What's a 5 you ask - it's a personality type in the Enneagram system. It's a little like the Myers Brings personality type that you probably did in school or work. 5's are thinking types, they think about everything, they feed on collecting info - about just about anything and they love to share it (shows how smart they 'think' they are)

I'll go on about Enneagram more at some point, but this BLOG isn't about the Enneagram per se it's about ramblings (which to a 5 is just about anything...), what I'm thinking about or concerned about or building or experimenting.

'humm I wonder', is just about the scarryist thing that S can hear it means that some thing has gotten a hold of my mind and won't let go until it either works, breaks something (or me) or fails spectacularly, which is by far the most common result, unless she can get me out of 'mode'.

Here's a good story - I was driving S nuts the other day, we have a new house and have many many projects on the go this spring including drive way, fence, deck, patio, sidewalk, flowers, sprinkler system and so forth. I went to the store with her the other day and I (being a 5) was in 'info collect' mode. I wanted to find out as much about as many things as I could - I wasn't really worried about putting it into any kind of order, I'd work that out later on. I was just ready to learn. S on the other hand thought that we were going to go there and 'make a decision' about the style of fence and get prices. The funny thing was that we had talked about going, and what we wanted to do (as good couples should) and were both comfortable in what was to be accomplished. Trouble was we didn't find out that that belief was horribly WRONG until I drove her nuts wandering around the store, stopping at every third display that had anything remotely to do with our house and looking at things (we were only 1/2 of the way through the store) S is a 7, a very different type and the 'discussion' that resulted was interesting only in that it resulted in our finding out that we had we had in fact not communicated at all well. he he, 5Life is like that.

Take Care!

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