Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Winter Is Almost Over

Winter Is Almost Over
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I was searching for a photo for a 'winter is still hanging on' blog but this was a nice picture...We've had a little more snow in the last couple of days but the temps have been nice.

Winter is almost over, you can almost hear people chanting it over and over to themselves like a mantra.

Need to go out and shovel some more snow...maybe not - my bed warmer is on and it's time to go back to bed and hide for the night!

Have a good Sleep!


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Steve said...

Hi Evan,

I didn't see any contact information, so I'll leave a comment (sorry that it's completely unrelated to your post).

I've done a post on CBC's decision to use DRM on their videos, and have quoted a sample of the comment you left at Inside the CBC. The post is here.

I've also linked to your blog. If you object to this, please let me know.