Saturday, March 17, 2007


Tod Maffin indicates on the Inside the CBC Blog that CBC intends to post clips of some of their shows online, which is great! Problem is that they are going to encode them in the DivX format and shackle them with DRM.

If they don't want people to share their videos then they shouldn't make them available! To believe that anything that is web posted can be contained or controlled is simply silly these days. The only thing the DRM does is make it more difficult for legitimate users to use. Those who want the images bad enough will grab them anyway - and will repost them onto better formats like YouTube.

I for one will NOT use or buy ANY web content in any form that has been infected with DRM it’s just too risky after the viral software distributed on SONY music CDs in 2005.

A number of high profile Canadian artists have come out against DRM (Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies amongst others) see These are the performers and industry that CBC purports to promote!

A more progressive and community supportive stance would have been for the CBC to license their material under a Creative Commons license so that fans like me could share and promote their material freely but they would retain the right to prevent commercial use and disallow modification of it’s content. (see )

Evan Young

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