Saturday, February 10, 2007

Winter 'blahs'

The winter 'blahs' have got me - I've been exhausted, bored and 1/2 sick since the middle of January. I go to bed at ten and sleep hard for eight hours until I get up at six. I wake up groggy and it takes me half an hour to finish waking up, and even when I do I'm still not what I would call 'rested'.

In past years I haven't had this problem but it's been -40c (with windchill) for the last couple of weeks and spending any time outside without a serious amount of clothing isn't really viable. I've been stuck inside in 'routine mode' <you can skip to the next para if you want it's just my daily routine> up, breakfast, get kiddo up, feed kiddo, wake up S, Shave/Shower/Dress, say goodbye to S., Dress Kiddo, Pack up my pack and kiddo's bag, dress kiddo for outside, load kiddo, drop kiddo off, go to work, park in parkade, walk to work, work, lunch, work, drive home, clean up, have dinner made by S., read email, put kiddo to bed, clean up basement/other volunteer work, bed - repeat.

Not that I'm complaining, lots of people wish they had it so good, I guess I just have some 'work to do' over the next few weeks. Funny thing is that when I begin to try and do somethings different, people get all weird, like I was 'changing on them'. I had a candle lit by the computer the other day (after kiddo was in bed), just trying to 'center' a little bit I guess. And all I heard from my friends / S. was; 'what's the candle for? you never do that' or 'you know you need to burn that for three hours right?' (it was 9pm, bed is at 10 remember...).

I guess I haven't had much 'recharge time' - today's the first Saturday I've had to myself in a long time, and I need that break - S. just goes to bed when she needs to recharge. I need quiet time with myself - I don't even mind if S. an kiddo are around doing their own thing just so long as I can do mine.

Ah well, best to make the best of Kiddo's nap time - got to connect the power lines I was working on the other day and see if the lights blow up - Take care!


Photo Credit: hansi linderoth


Laura Marie said...

So did the lights blow up??

Evan said...

Actually no they didn't - I fried the thermostat this evening for the baseboard heaters but the lights are good!