Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Morning Drive

Ever have one of those morning drives?

Today was one of those, the garbage truck came early (I usually take the garbage out to the curb just as I'm leaving for work but since the city contracted out the garbage service to a private company they've gotten all efficient on me and consistently come early) So I'm getting kiddo dressed inside and...garbage truck goes buy - oh well it's winter and the garbage will keep, got the recyclables out anyway. On the way to the office after dropping off Kiddo and I come very quickly to a halt - that's when the traffic report comes on saying that the street I'm on is all backed up...OK quick turn around, and take my alternate route. That's jammed up as well so a 15 minute drive became a 40 minute one. Then I get to the office and the strap on my pack gets itself wedged in the door as I come in stopping me like a dog on a leash. Not a problem you say just reach down and open the door and let the strap out...well it's a security door - magnetic lock...I'm trapped, had to undo my pack and reach over and hit the 'exit button' to get myself out - thank goodness there were no witnesses.

Now it's only noon and I'm waiting for the next shoe...


Postscript: actually survived the day - no second shoe - yet...

Photo Credit: Sheila Steele

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