Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ok so now it's a Deck

Well, we finally have a deck, got the platform up in a day thankfully, glad to have that project completed - now we can close up outside and get ready for the winter. Those of you who don't live in Winnipeg should realize - snow by Halloween is not uncommon - so we're just about out of time.

The Garage is much less full of 'stuff' (extra lumber and other items - much much better than it was before! I was thinking of going for a hike with the Scouts tomorrow but may stay home and clean the garage enough so that we can get the cars in - that would be nice! Then there is the Christmas lights to clean up, the roof to fix a shingle on and a couple of other 'outside' chores that need my attention - oh well and here I thought I was done...

Maybe next week (if it doesn't snow)


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