Thursday, October 14, 2004

This isn't happy happy joy joy...

Here's an interesting contrast, Wonderful Wife and I are going to have to travel out of province for a day to attend a family function. The contrast comes in when you compare how Wonderful Wife and I approach this situation - I'm not happy, this will involve two days of people I don't know well, dinners, gatherings etc. that will require continued personal interaction - i.e. talking. On top of all of that we're staying with relatives, so there's no escape (not that the relatives are not nice people, they are) the issue here is energy - I see this kind of situation as energy draining, with little or no ability to recover. On the other hand Wonderful Wife sees this as an opportunity to meet with family - generally an energy + evolution.

While it's true that I don't know this branch of the family well, it's also true that I find any large unlimited gathering like this as draining.

I wonder if other 5s find this kind of situation draining as well...hummm


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