Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Catch Up

Alright - we're half way through February and the winter is going very well actually! Which is a nice change, for the past few years the end part of my winters has not been a positive time for me!

To catch up - S. is pregnant with our second child - Kiddo is now 3.5 years old and doing very very well! Daycare is fun and enjoyable (though our pickup and drop-off cycle leaves something to be desired - it's located badly 'out of position' for both S. and I.)

I've just finished a seven month contract and I'm about to pick up another two week engagement, unfortunately this is doing MS Access work. I would really prefer to continuing with more modern development in C# and VB.net and on larger Object Oriented projects - it's an area that I don't have much experience in and what I have learned in the last seven months has done much to move my career forward.

Aha well - we spent the day today at the Baby and Kid show - many many kids and moms - it was fun - if very tiring - Kiddo was being a 3.5 year old - running ahead, being interested in stuff, doing what kids should do. But that doesn't mean it wasn't tiring for mom and dad.

Photo Credit: Omega Man

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