Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

Hadn't posted in a while and finally felt like it...

We spent the day yesterday at the Zoo with K1 and K2 (yes for those of you who don't know K2 is now present in the world.)

What an interesting 'time warp'...The Winnipeg Zoo has been the same for decades - and it's showing - the animals are well kept (I presume) but the displays are boring, lacking interest for us (or one must assume for them.) A great many of them are just empty - and haven't been occupied for many years. A few have been re-purposed from older exhibits that were very promising when they were made (such as the live beaver ponds...) but now they are used for something else entirely and look sad and run-down.

The Polar bear pen is empty now, our old polar bear having passed away, the pen no longer meets international standards so it will remain empty...

The Great Panda Bear exhibit center has become badly run down but is now under some form of construction - not sure what that will be, the playground that used to have a water wheel the kids could turn, has nothing but sand.

K1 enjoys the running around, and the slide in the playground, but the rest of it - I think maybe it's time we took the zoo off our list of attractions - until they decide to do get serious about fixing it up.

Photo: Evan Young

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