Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring Thaw - St. Vital Park, Winnipeg

I almost feel as if the world is waking up, with only a few warm days it's amazing how much the snow has melted. I can now go to work without my boots!

I can see many of the plants in our garden, and my mind is increasingly turning to our yard tasks ahead - sod and retaining stone to purchase, path to repair and cleanup, seeds to start (they're in the kitchen greenhouse) There might even be compost to pull out and get ready for the garden (it's had 2 years now)

The basement, though 'DONE' needs a good cleaning (as does the rest of the house - can you say 'Spring Cleaning'! Maybe we can start that this weekend...

I'm finally sleeping better and 'House Management' (the just living each day stuff - remember we have a 21 month old ) has been much easier recently. I've been trying to really move myself actively toward the 8 - action vs. my tendency toward a built in delay to 'gather more information' . I'm beginning to 'live' (not just know) the fact that the delays actually make things worse. It's still not all right (I missed processing some forms for a Scouting issue and also missed a phone call to another Scouting contact that I should have done last week. But it's not so much of a panic each morning as it once was.

I'm looking forward to spring this year. Much to do and clean and grow, maybe even myself!

Take Care!

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