Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's your hurry...

Sheesh - I'm coming home from a client site yesterday, I'm doing just over 100 klicks (you know, not 110 but not 100 notched just over the posted and I have a truck (not the semi pictured, a pickup) riding my bumper... I'm in the left lane passing a semi and have no place else to go and this truck runs up and 'sits there' then when I get past the semi and move over to the right he floors it and zooms up to the next car and sits there - talk about an accident waiting to happen. Come on people do you NOT have anything else to do? Is the time remaining in the life of the sun way shorter than I was led to believe, there just can't be anything that terribly important 100km away from any place much that is that critical that you have to hazard yourself and, more importantly, ME!


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testerwife said...

hello, I am a fellow MHA'er I am glad I found you blog....I also like all of your postings.... TC! testerswife