Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Humm Seems like Fall

I was on the way out to the car this morning with kiddo in arms and it struck me that it 'smelt' or 'felt' like fall was on the way for the first time. We have so much left to do around the house I don't' want to think about having to clean up everything already. Path to finish, sod to lay, garden to harvest, herbs to dry, we're hoping to do some preserves for over the winter and we have a bed to finish staining and moving into our room.

Where does all the time over the summer go.



testerswife said...

I know it does seem like the time is just gone! And fast too! Never enough time in any day to do what needs to be done!

benny said...

Maple leaves are showing signs of distress. I read somwhere that it was due to the climate changes.
What that means? more work clearing the driveway. Yes trouble never hits you singly.