Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jaw Dropping Discovery

Posted to the Globe and Mail 1 Aug 06 as comment to the article A jaw-dropping discovery in earth's oceans by ANNE MCILROY

I think #24 got it right - that science and religion/spirituality can exist together. There are many people in the world, scientists and priests amongst them, that support this position. Every time I hear about something like this - a 'wow' moment - I'm left to smile. It's a good reminder that we don't and probably never will (or should) understand everything.

Remember that people that are biblical literalists (the creationist in posting #1 for example) - take the bible as literal truth, and can accept no part of it being wrong, because if one part is the rest might be as well - their model 'falls apart'. Other more liberal Christian denominations don't take this position and are involved in deep analysis, contemplation, review, debate and discussion of the bible and the history of the world and it's people when and since it was written. The world began when God said 'let their be light' and there was a big bang...maybe?

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