Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New arrival!!! Part 2


We were in our own room and setting in, S. was able to use the shower,tub etc. Several times over the next hours and that helped - she didn't want to thow up when in there.

By 6pm S. was exhausted, dehydrated just 'tired of this' and the Dr. Suggested some drugs - we weren't exactly clear it seems on what they would do - they knocked her flat - she slept for 3 hours (I did too actually, in the pull out chair for an hour and a half). By 9 pm we were awake again S. was much farther along and had over a liter of fluid on-board (I had snuck out and found my first real meal in 17 hours as well)

It took 4 hours more but by 12:40 NB was here! Yea - the only thing that was a real surprise was that the umbilical cord broke! (Yes they can break) The cord was around NB's neck - a not unusual situation - and the Dr usually flips it over the head and all is OK - worst case he can clamp it and cut it quick and he was all set for that. Well he pulled on it two or three times and it broke, right close to the belly button. It goes off like a gunshot (it's under high pressure apparently) - blood flashes everywhere, across the Dr., me, S., the room etc. The Dr. had to pinch off what was left as a stub and then clamp off the cord. (He was so embarrassed the next day) After all of that it came out well

Now here's an intriguing series of co-incidences (or not) - I had been moving around the hospital a bit, once to go and get a coke / vending machine stuff and the 2nd time to go and get dinner. Who do I meet each time, but friends - the first one an older gentlemen from our home parish who I like and respect very much who recognized me, encouraged me, shook my hand and sent me back to my laboring wife. The 2nd time a close friend of S. and mine who would be becoming an Anglican deacon two days after NB was born and who will be his godmother. This very logical 5 is going to take both of these as a vote of confidence and 'extra support when needed' in answer to a few prayers!

Living 5 life the the fullest!

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