Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New arrival!!!

Wow it's hard to believe that a month has gone buy already and I'm back to work (I took 3 weeks off plus my company gives 3 days automatically. )

Little info on how things went:
We woke up at about 1:30 in the morning with S. Having a contraction - they were about 10-15 minutes apart and we figured we'd have time for a cup of tea and finding out what was on late-night TV.

By 2:00 we were at 2 minutes apart - that was a little quick - we called the Dr. and he said to go into the hospital - we had an interesting run in (including coming up to the railway crossing at 2:45 in the morning with the gates coming down...it was like a bad movie - especially since it was only an engine (no cars) my guess was they wanted coffee at the Tim Hortons next to the tracks. Thankfully they saw us and did whatever they needed to do to get the gates up.

We got to triage and were assessed and not getting very far - S. Was having serial contractions now one on top of the other. Thankfully we had a couple of great nurses helping us, as well we took part in a study that gave us one-on-one access to a nurse for two hours much better. By 6am we were making progress nicely and could stay in the hospital - (if you haven't progressed much they send you home) we get to do the 2nd part of the study in a week (a paper follow-up questionnaire) and see how things went. I've requested a copy of the study when it's published - hey they offered.

Now here's an interesting observation; S. and I thought we were pretty relaxed, comfortable with what was coming - I had read and studied lots and was prepared for a long run myself. Relaxation during labour is very very subtle, while emotionally calm it turns out that physically calm is something else - we had to learn what that meant all over again. The big part of what the nurses helped us with was to learn to relax into the contraction, it's not easy or intuitive. Word of advice - be prepared to ditch what doesn't work, the idea of a 'cleansing breath' at the beginning of the contraction didn't work for us at all, though it had ben emphasized during the classes.

The only thing that was really an ongoing annoyance was nausea - S. was sick every time she did anything but sit in bed, walking, birth ball,standing etc. all made her throw up - no morning sickness during the entire pregnancy and now this.

So we sat around - and by 11am were moved to the LDRP (labor, Delivery, Recover, Postpartum) ward. Neat facility we got our own room, with our own bathroom, nice TV, bed and lots of space.

More to come...

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