Thursday, September 08, 2005

CBC Lockout...Letter to the Editor

Maybe CBC isn't worth its cost, MP says

BILL CURRY Globe and Mail, 8 September 2005

A few years ago I had a pin on my winter jacket- a small 'I (heart) CBC'. I had loads of people approach me and mention it and the most common statement was 'You mean CBC Radio right?' which I had to concede was exactly what I meant. I just couldn’t find a 'I Love CBC Radio' Pin.

CBC Radio is by far the best radio on the air - terrific morning wake up program that is intelligent and fun. Not written so the announcers sound vapid or degrading, the women announcers written as badly stereotyped. The annoying thing is it doesn't matter what channel you're on they’re all the same!

My wife and I are missing our fun afternoons on The Roundup with Tetsuro and getting up with Terry in Winnipeg. Excellent journalism on 'As it Happens', stories by Stuart on Sundays after church from the Vinyl Cafe. These are people we know and love hearing every day. We time our morning by who's on when - sports at 25 past the hour, news on the half. And all of that with NO commercials!

I don't much care about CBC TV; they don't carry much I like really. They might be better off moving to a commercial free, membership based model. Or include them in basic cable - I already pay for a couple of useless channels that I can't get rid of so it's not much different.

Its past time for CBC management to FIX THIS, find a compromise, make it happen - unlock the doors and get CBC back on the air. If you stay off too long, if the tide turns, and politicians can get more public credit for killing the CBC than keeping it alive as a station of BBC re-runs you're finished.

Missing My Radio in Winnipeg

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