Thursday, June 24, 2004

Cement & Hikes & Attitude

Got back from the hike with my scout group, had a great time turns out that 7km with these kids was just about as much distance as they could take in one go. You know, the technical aspects of camping are important, the gear that I'm using today is amazing, high tech lightweight fabrics and insulation, very light weight stoves and cooking gear. I was still carrying 60-65 lbs of gear but what I got for that weight was impressive. That said, the attitude things with hiking are even more important than equipment (and I'm a 5). We got to bed on Saturday night at 9:30 - everyone was tired and the bugs were really beginning to drive us nuts. Now, the kids didn't get to sleep until 11 or so but that wasn't bad really. The interesting part was that I told the kids to wake us up early, say 6:30 or so and to have the first ones up wake up the rest - in fact we were up at 5:30 and on the move by 7 or so. No one complained, no bitching nothing. The trip was a very pleasant experience for everyone. The hike out was on a beautiful day the hike back a little colder but still nice. The food worked out great, the kids bought and cooked their own food and had good results, even the stew and dumplings worked out well. If only every scout event was like this.

After the hike on Sunday night Jerry came to mark out the new driveway - on Monday they had formed and rebared the entire area and on Tuesday morning they poured everything, it's now Thursday lunch and it's been sealed, cut and is dry enough to walk on - not supposed to put weight on it (the cars) until next Wednesday if we can help it. Attitude was interesting here as well, Jerry's guys were great to be around, very personable, obviously enjoying their work and the guy they were working for, they answered all of my 5'ish questions comfortably and with interest. What a nice change from many of the trades workers that I've been around in the last couple of years working on the house.

You know, maybe it is all in the mind..


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