Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Fall Again

So fall's here and today I was finally feeling more like blogging again...

Kiddo is now a very active 3.25 year old and he's gaining more and more ability to interact with his world by himself. We're now into the 'me do it' stage of most things.

Work has been interesting - I'm on contract with a local Internet development company and it's my first time doing C# programming full time. After 4 1/2 months I can say that I'm not a fan of C# (too many brackets and ';' for my tastes). But the company I'm on contract with is interesting - they are making an honest effort to develop to standards and make a good product.

Problem for me is that this is a much 'large' scope of development than I have ever been involved with before - almost all of my experience has been with small projects, where I'm the single developer, QA and support all in one. I can keep the issues and variables in my head and I can usually identify, code and deliver a fix or change in a single day or perhaps two. On this project I'm developing over the course of weeks - with many more people involved in the process.

This identifies a problem that I didn't know that I had - I'm not a long term details person, it's not that I'm doing bad work (I think that after the better part of 10 years in the industry that shouldn't be an issue) but I am finding it difficult to keep track of everything that I need to constantly. I'll identify something that I need to remember, maybe even get it down on paper and then completely miss it. Or I'll remember it the first time but be in-consistent later on. I'm catching these myself thankfully but then I need to go back and fix them.

The issue now is that I need to identify weather of not this is ever going to be something for me. I would by far prefer to try it, realize that it isn't for me and then bow out rather than fail out after some grievous mistake.

Well, there you go - first blog of the fall, got to go, the front lawn needs mowing.

Photo Credit: 'fall road in orange' by intimaj

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