Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid (End of) February...

Been a while since I posted, not that I hadn't wanted to - as it happens I've thought about it several times over the last few weeks but never seemed to have finally arrived at this page. So what's going on in the snowy cold of Winnipeg? First, yes it is very cold - it was -34°c last night and it's currently sitting at -26°c the wind chill makes it -42°c! The nice thing is that at that temperature the driving actually isn't too bad - we don't get ice on the roads the same way that other places do - it's simply too cold for water to melt in the first place...

It's now a couple of weeks since I actually started this post and the deep freeze has let go a bit - it's going up to -9 today, much much nicer!

This past month has, much like last year, been really 'cave like' not only for myself but I've seen it in others - it's time winter was over!

The good news is that we finished painting the upstairs of the house (yeaaa) it's now a very nice green, we have to move the piano and then do a little more painting but it looks great!

Kiddo has recently had (sorry didn't blog about that) surgery and is now out of his casts from that! We're still wearing temporary 'back slab' casts but they can at least be removed to tub him (and that's a good thing!)

I'm going to try and get the seeds for the garden started today - we have a little plastic green house that we can put by the front window in the light.

Back to coding - but I thought you'd like an update...

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