Friday, January 25, 2008

New Year

Wow it's already the end of January and I haven't posted yet - bad blogger...

This is actually going to be my '2007 Year in Review' Post. I know that many families send out those letters at Christmas and some people find them really annoying to read (I usually don't by the way).

If you don't like those letters, you probably want to skip this post!

Accomplished (From things To Do and What Didn't Work, from last year)

Personal Organization

With the completion of the basement this has improved - we still have a house with a 2.5 year old kiddo but it is getting better. I'm keeping accurate and better notes; I use one large Blueline Twin Wire Bound notebook for my paid-work notes and continue to use (and enjoy) my Moleskine for all else (Scouts, Church, Personal) and I carry that everywhere that I go, these notes are transcribed to Minutes, Calendar, Agendas etc. as needed but I only need to go to one place to find everything that is actionable.
Finish Basement
Thankfully this is all but completed - some trim remains outstanding but we are now moved into this space and using it much to the enjoyment of the house - and it's spin off effect is that less 'stuff' gets stuck upstairs.
Yard / Outside
The sod is down, the path almost completed and we are now enjoying the space we planted many many bulbs that will come up in the spring! The Deck remains to be finished but that seems much more easy to accomplish now.
Garage Cleaning
Both cars are back in the garage now and much (though not all) of the crap has been thrown out or given away! No more scraping the windows!

Personal Development (Training/Certification)

Made no progress here - I guess I need to decide if this is really important.
Craft Room
Like many people we still have a 'deep dark secret' in a pile of collected junk that we need to sort through.
This has improved but need to get better at focusing real time onto tasks be they work, personal projects, Scouts or just having time to enjoy cooking dinner.
Painting the Living Room
This is probably one of our 'next tasks' only issue is that the living area has a vaulted ceiling over the stairs that is going to be very very difficult to paint.
Ideas for 2008

I'm going to try and limit 'Aimless Surfing'...I frequently sit on the couch and surf the net - whatever I find interesting, problem is it isn't productive on any level. At the same time the TV is on and that just creates mental noise (as one blog I read this year said) if I'm going to make time to accomplish tasks then I need to have less unfocused time when I'm not productive.

I continue to try and change the 'tone' of the items I buy - wood, stone, stoneware, metal in place of plastic and that has been somewhat successful.

Kiddo is now old enough that S. and I are going to try and take him out canoeing this summer - we'll see how that works out.

Have a great 2008!

BTW my 2006 Year in Review is here if you want to read it


Photo Credit: Fabrizio Morroia from Flickr

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