Sunday, July 08, 2007


This is from but I thought it was a cool piece - I heard an article on CBC the other day about this home as well.

A Cool, Canadian, Sustainable Mobile Home

As regular readers know, sooner or later we’re planning on building on our property on Pender Island. Our eventual plan is to also build a separate, small guest cabin. We like our family and friends, but we also like our personal space, if you get my meaning.

We’re not opposed to the guest cabin being some kind of mobile home, assuming it’s comfortable and kind of cool. This one, from Sustain miniHome might fit the bill:

All for about CAN $120,000 at the base price. And, importantly, there would be not duty costs because it’s a Canadian company. They seem to be based in Toronto–how much does it cost to ship a tiny house across the country?

Thanks to Metaefficient for the link.

On a related note, why is it that every architect I hear about is an ‘award-winning’ one? Is it as easy to win awards in architecture as it is in the technology industry? Because of its over-use, the phrase seems totally hollow. Maybe I want to work with an architect who’s won no awards and is proud of it?

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