Saturday, May 26, 2007

We Survived

Well, we survived...two weeks in Walt Disney World!

Overall I was surprised and a little impressed - I had expected WDW to be a large tourist trap, and even though it really is it sure didn't feel like it. Being in the various parks was a pleasant experience, modestly priced meals and souvenirs, very clean, friendly well trained staff that seemed genuinely happy to be there. Even the photographers were more of a service than any kind of hassle - we had to ask them to take pictures - the antithesis of pushy. The attractions were fun and very very well presented, at one point I had a Disney employee mention that they don't have roller coasters or rides, they have attractions, and he was right - the line up areas for the attractions are all in character, as are all the staff at each ride. No 'staff t-shirt' shorts and flip-fops here, each ride and every 'cast member' had a 'costume' that contributed to the look and feel of the park - in fact they were hardly ever 'out of character'

I would not count this as a restful vacation - S, Kiddo and our other relations seemed to have a great time but it was too much go and do and not a enough rest and recharge for my likes - there were several nights that we'd come home and I'd be out by 9pm having read only a page of my book - waking up at 6 to get everything done and be off to the park again to be there for gate opening.

Sigh I'll be off to the Scout Jamboree in Northern Quebec in a few weeks, maybe that will be more relaxing.

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