Wednesday, May 02, 2007


S. and I will shortly be embarking on the standard 'Family Vacation'. In this case our destination is that haven of peace and serenity - Disney World...ok so yes the sinus meds are affecting my brain.

S. is over the moon about going, and while I find it mildly interesting (I am looking forward to Epcot), the potential negatives keep coming to mind - we're going to be traveling with an almost two year old, who loves to run around like mad wherever he is. That just can't happen on a plane, so we're going to get to hold him in our laps - unless miracle of miracles they seat us with an empty seat, apparently they do try and do that. Nice thing is it doesn't cost us anything for his flight and he doesn't need a ticket for Disney. But all of that doesn't help on the flights (there are two, totaling 4 hours, each way) will be at all fun.

We've had some other parent's suggest that we get him to rest while we fly (apparently kid's Gravol (Dramamine) is a good idea...not sure about that.

After traveling we get to spend 14 days in the deep south US - home of Guns, guns and more guns. (Believe it or not the Governor of Texas was on the radio the other day saying that the recent shootings in the US wouldn't have happened if everyone was properly armed while they were walking around on the school campus! This is the place I'm taking my son to? On top of the obvious risks (both from weapons and from psychological proximity to these people). There are going to be many many businesses that are intent on removing as much of our money as fast as they can while returning to us as little as possible and what they do give us will be made of plastic or other 'cheapness' and will actually have been made in China.

Oh what fun.

Now, we're actually going to be staying in a house that we've rented for the two weeks, its going to be just as expensive (or maybe a little less) to stay there as it would be in a hotel considering that it's actually S. Myself, Kiddo, S's mom and another cousin that I'll call Min. The house idea is great more space, our own bedroom and so on. The fact that I'll get to clean, do dishes, and other domestic chores down there just as much as I do at home (I do try and pull my fair share) not so much.

I'm going to spend 14 days in Tamaracouta Quebec this summer with 6800 Scouts, in comparison, that sounds relaxing.

I'll write something if / when we get back alive...

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