Friday, March 31, 2006

Peacekeepers or not?

Sigh - It is past time that Canadians - as a people - give up the comfortable notion that we are a 'Nation of Peacekeepers' that was untrue before and is not true now. In fact I believe that this belief was fostered by various political parties as justification for reduced military spending. We cannot return to the blue beret days of previous times, sorry folks that time is gone. We need a fully equipped fighting force that will meet aggression with brutal violence and friendship with an open hand and ready comfort and support. Our armed forces cannot be a half effort. I've stated my support for this mission on Globe and Mail boards previously and I reiterate it again. Young men and women from Canada have died and will no doubt continue to die in this conflict but in the end - a decade or more from now. We just might have a safe, sane, stable country in Afghanistan and it will be because Canada and other countries did what was required. If we expect to have an international voice then we must have a real international presence and for good or ill that means we must have a military force capable of being active around the world.

Posted as comment to Globe and Mail 31 Mar 06

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