Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Afghan man faces death for turning to Christianity

Posted in response to 'Afghan man faces death for turning to Christianity'
by TIM ALBONE Globe and Mail website - 21 Mar 06

Are we looking for an excuse to come home, because every time I turn around it seems like we are...I felt that we needed to go in and 'take steps' against the Taliban prior to 9/11 and I still feel that that was the right decision. This is an educational and cultural problem, it is not and won't be a 'quick fix'! Canada is a small minority in the world, our culture is very mixed, with a tradition (maybe survival skill) of tolerance, for different languages, races, religions and lifestyles. It's taken us 50+ years to get to the point of allowing same sex marriage - that would have been just as unthinkable at the beginning of our parents lives as the Afghan judge thinks this is now. I think that Mr. Murphy (above) is correct, Afghanistan is very much in a different 'time' than we are. They need to grow, to become part of the rest of the world - their own way. It will probably be the children of the children in school right now who really finish that process. Maybe there will still be a Canadian presence there then, maybe not, but if we can be of help I would hope we would be - it's up to the Afghanis, all of them, as a people, to say 'thanks, you can go home now, we've got it from here...'

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