Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Globe and Mail: Craig Chandler

The Globe and Mail: Craig Chandler

My Letter to the Editor in response to Mr Chandler's article.

Dear Editor;

Increasingly I'm torn, where do people like me who are socially very liberal turn? For example, I have no problem with early term abortion, distribution of and information on birth control or same-sex marriage. I support immigration to Canada and I am actively and personally concerned about the environment.

On the other hand I'm generally financially conservative for example I support gun control in principal but the gun registry is a waste of money. The amount of money paid to Quebec advertising companies apalls me and the waste canceling and re-issuing the helicopter contract is beyond words. This continues with submarines that leak, or burn.

In the middle of all this I support a strong war-ready military, not a peacekeeper force, though I'm proud of our continued success as peacekeepers. Our soldiers need decent pay, good uniforms and boots - not leaky submarines that waste taxpayers money. (It's tough to lend aid to a foreign country with a submarine) We need to be able to move those soldiers and their equipment anywhere in the world they are needed when they are needed - not two weeks later.

One third of what I make is taken by the government but I think that I've shown that most of that is squandered. We've paid down the deficit and we're working on the debt but I still haven't seen any real tax help.

If I support the Liberals I support further waste. If I support the Conservatives I pick up a set of baggage that I don't want. I'm an active Christian (Anglican) and the growth in the Evangelical movement scares me. I think that Bush is both scary and Nuts, and we were right to stay out of missile defense. I support a strong West - I think that a disproportionate amount of taxpayer money is spent keeping Quebecers 'happy' when in fact they are probably doing just fine really and would most likely be happier if we stopped interfering.

Where do 'middle of the roaders' like me actually turn? I won't support the unions by supporting the NDP and while the Green Party is getting there they aren't yet ready for prime time, but I'm listening to them.

I would suggest that many of my positions more closely resemble the opinions of the majority Canadians than Mr Chandler's article does but no party truly represents me very closely at all.

Let's not follow the American example of polarization to blue and red camps - let's follow the Canadian tradition of attempting to find a socially sensitive middle road.

Evan, Winnipeg

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