Friday, December 24, 2004

Hey 'New Being' enroute

On Christmas day, during the Prayers of the People at church S. and I inserted the announcement that a 'New Being' is enroute to our home - and actually has been for some 90+ days. We felt that it was important for the prayers to have some positive news in them - too often we are pray only for sick or the dead - this seemed like just the thing to add to the joy of the evening.

So wish us luck - I'm in serious Data Acquisition Mode - Full 5 here - 2 books down for the count and I've already made 2 hunting trips to the bookstore and my amazon wish list has even more. I started The Big Red Book of Baby Planning (not a book, but my hardcopy planning, shopping and note-taking journal) and am ready to take notes and clip ads and articles with wild abandon! Now it's not exactly a fair comparison because S. has no choice but to be the carrying end of this team but that's ok - I have a basement to finish and a nursery to build.

Merry Christmas - may the spirits alive around the world this night bring you peace and joy.

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