Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Open House To Be

So, the Synod is over and our Open House is rapidly coming up! This annual event takes place in our home every year. I get into baking up a storm, shortbread, butter tarts, cookies and whatever else I can come up with, if anyone knows a recipe for Rice Krispiee cake that doesn't turn as hard a rock in a day or so I'd like to know!).

We've sent out an evite using (
www.evite.com) to make it easier and cheaper for people to be invited and to send RSVP's

This weekend we'll take out the decorations, clean up the house and generally try and get ready as much ahead of time as possible!

We need to order glasses (we always rent them - it's not too expensive and is much less work than washing and cleaning everything. )

Then there is the desk in the kitchen to attack - unfortunately we don't use it much as a desk and more of a dumping ground - maybe we need a better chair, in order to make it more usable - it's counter top height so a regular office chair isn't going to work - maybe IKEA has something that will work there.


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hermione said...

Actually, IKEA does, and it even folds. I have two.


Also, JYSK has one that's similar.