Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mind like a Library

I often think of thinking (which is a 5 thing). I often describe my brain as a big, dusty library, with old librarians moving slowly around pulling old tomes and putting them away after blowing the dust off of them, or sitting in big chairs by the many fireplaces and reading (and falling asleep) sounds like an old tv show actually - The House of Freightenstein - probably where I got the image. There are rooms along the walls that house laboratories etc. (with the occasional kaboom for good measure) but on the whole the place is busy but old, dark and sedate.

S's mind on the other hand could be described as a modern book store, full of life, light, many new books and magazines and CD's and DVD's and giftwear and other stuff, it has a coffee shop for that caffeine hit. Very busy, somewhat disorderly and fun. Interesting contrast no?

I'm shuffling ahead laying the patio in our back yard now, one brick at a time, tap tap tap, level, tap tap tap, level, ok , tap tap tap level the other way, tap tap tap, ok (you get the picture) I'm holding my hammer at the top, near the head and letting it's weight do the work - too much more and I break the brick. S. starts working on brick - she holds a hammer like you should - at the end, and tap tap snunk (the brick has a rather distinctive sound change when it breaks. ) 5 times in a row - which is (of course) annoying for hear and dangerous for me to be around.

I'm going to be ever so happy to be finished this project - both to be finished with the tap tap tap than to be around a happy S again...Sigh tap tap tap...

Bye from the brickyard...

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