Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Welcome to the Brickyard

The differences between S. And I (She's a 7 ) are amazing to me some times. I'm not individually goal oriented - that is to say completing the little bits of a project doesn't particularly thrill me, I'm almost always too caught up in 'the big picture' to bother with checking off little boxes on a to do list (if I had a to-do list on paper at all actually) S. On the other hand is really driven by that being marked off the list.

We're working on our brick sidewalk and patio - we have about 15m of sidewalk to lay down and we're proceeding at the rate of about 1m a day. It's going to be well into the August before we're done. Now, I knew that this would be a big project, and had some time ago decided that my summer would be taken up by this particular project.

Now the here's the conflict - I know that this will be a doggedly slow process taking up most if not all of the next month of our time, pretty well every evening that we've got. There isn't a check off here for her, she can't 'win' at this and check something off. To her this is appearing like the 'never ending task' and she's now feeling like we're never going to get done. I on the other hand will slog forward (occasionally bitching about it, I acknowledge) but It'll get done.

7 vs. 5 hummm

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