Saturday, July 14, 2012

Evan's Software Tools

I've had a few friends / contacts ask me what tools I use... well here's my current list and why I use them. This is just my opinion and there are other equally good tools out there, I use several of these just because they were the first ones that I used, I don’t claim that this list is ‘best of breed’.

Last Update July 2012

This list is always available at

Primary Tools

Email Client Gmail
Office Software
Microsoft Office
Web Browser Google Chrome Anti Virus Microsoft Security Essentials
Online Backup Mozy

Secondary Tools         

Notetaking Evernote Has a clipping add-on for chrome as well.Online Storage Dropbox
ISO Mounter Virtual Clone Drive
Online Office / Storage Google Drive
RSS Reader
Don’ use this much anymore, it now feeds a tool on my iPad called Zite
IM Client Google Talk
Bitmap Drawing Paint.Net
Text Editor Notepad++
Photo Orgaizer Software & Online Album Google Picasa
Calendar Google Calendar
System Cleaner CCCleaner
Secure File Delete Eraser
Virtualization VMWare Player (It now allows you to create new vm’s)
Changed from MS Virtual PC, vmware has better Linux support and has better hardware
Torrent Client uTorrent
Bit-Torrent is a file sharing protocol, yes, much of it's traffic is less than legal but I suspect that over time Bit-Torrent will become a major way of sharing legal/open source/creative commons material.
Game Purchases Steam
Music Management iTunes

Installer Service

Ninite allows you to check off the 'best of class' tools in several categories and install them in one run!
If you are setting up a new PC I’d recommend you run PC Decrapifier before running Ninite.


Visual Studio 2010 Premium (C# is my language of choice)

I have a list of development tool ad ons at

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