Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Re-Energized

I spent a weekend a little while ago at a leader training seminar for Scout Leaders. I had a great time teaching and sharing with these new leaders.

This was my first time training at the Woodbadge II course and the the first time we have run this course as a 'full weekend' event. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to be with people that want to be there, to want to learn, who are actually volunteering their time to mentor or to learn without compensation (it actually cost the instructors to train!).

Every so often we get the chance to do something different, to in some way contribute - much of the time we see the opportunities as they pass us buy, to realize 'what we should have done' much to late to make a difference. It was great to not be looking back this time.

Photo Credit : Wikimeda Commons

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