Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Geek Conference

So here I am in Toronto on a one day visit for a Microsoft conference - flew out last night at 6:30 from Winnipeg, short night at 'Cheap Hotel' and out to the conference for 8am this morning sit in a room with a bunch of other Geeks absorbing all of the good information, pick up my 'grab and go' lunch and continue right along after a 15 minute break. Finish at 5 pick up my 'swag bag' and back to Cheap Hotel. The Hotel is a very strange mix of styles, it wants to be a British 'club' style but it has a Greek restaurant and a strange mix of old wood, bad wallpaper and cheap silk plants, very odd.

This last week has been crazy - no time for much of anything, the family all piled into the car and drove to Minneapolis to visit good friends, 14 hours of driving in 56 hours. But we had a very nice visit, did a little shopping and had a good time, and at the current value of the Canadian dollar not as expensive as it sounds. Got back into town on Monday, slept at home one night re-packed, got up taught an 8 hour training on Tuesday, drove like a madman to our office then drove with the fellows from the office back through town to the airport made it to security with 40 min to spare - not as much cushion as you'd like. Back home on Thursday AM, then back to the office, from there to a Microsoft user Group meeting back downtown in Winnipeg, I'll finally get home later on Thursday night...Sheesh how do I get myself into this stuff?


Photo Credit: kevbo1983

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