Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Fall Again

It's fall here in Winnipeg, well it has actually looked like fall for some time, but it officially became fall on the 23rd. Fall is my favourite season, cool crisp (7c) air, no bugs, the colours and the expectation of the winter to come. There is a set of 'things to do' like cleaning, putting the gardens to bed. And now that we have sod, everything is much cleaner to work around and psychologically less weighty, I didn't know until we had that done how much it was weighing on me.

There is a chunk of work still remaining to do, as well as some fixing up because the sod wasn't down for so long. But now I'm beginning to actually look forward to my work outside. I'm off to camp on the weekend and that should be fun as well - time to spend out with my brother and other friends at camp, maybe a little reading time and time with my own thoughts will be nice.

I've been reading a lot recently, maybe part of my fall mood as well. Everything from Warhammer 40k fiction to David Suzuki is on the table right now.

Kiddo is 2.25 years old now, and continues to amaze me, being a dad is becoming what I had hoped it would be. Unlike the first year where he was for all intents a poop machine (food in poop out not much else). He's interactive, curious and luckily for mom and I, he is generally a happy kid. Like all parents of 2 year olds we have our struggles with 'I wants' and 'not nows' but when he's snuggled in my arm watching, and quietly talking about, Bob the Builder on TV it's great fun. It's hard to be concerned about much at those times. By Christmas he'll be 2.5 years (wow) and will be getting into the season. As active Anglicans, we intend to make sure that we observe Advent, and tell the Christ story as well as the secular Santa story and I find that a good Fall season will feed into Advent and Christmas very easily.

I'm off, cheers!

Photo Credit: Fall Creek Falls cwage

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