Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm back from Scouting Heaven

I returned on 4 August from two weeks in northern Quebec at the 11th Canadian Scout Jamboree. It was a wonderful way to spend two weeks of vacation, the country was beautiful, lushly forested with lots of new plants and wildlife. The local people I had opportunity to interact with were friendly and helpful. There were 8600 Scouts and Scouters on site from across the globe. Canada was well represented, from shore to shore and from the north as well. Represented were: United States of America, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand and Switzerland.

Interestingly, even with all the heat, dust and walking I slept reasonably well (sometimes it was a little noisy or hot). I rose refreshed and ready to enjoy my days. I didn't have any of the 'sluggishness' that I have experienced at home. I didn't have any migraines or sore feet (I have flat-foot and wear orthotics), I even avoided blisters! I spent one day with a friend on the way home walking around Ottawa (and it was a fair bit of walking) and I was really sore - open ground vs. concrete maybe, makes one wonder.

LM and I estimated that we were putting in some 10k each day just moving around the campsite doing our work. That's probably more than I put in in a week normally.

I missed kiddo and S lots. Homecoming is mentioned in some of the Celtic Christianity books that I've been reading recently. This was my first long trip away from my family by myself and I've discovered that going away is good but coming home is great!


p.s. Thanks to all the other scouts and scouters that made my CJ experience a memory to treasure.

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