Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The second candle burns!

the second candle burns!
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It's actually the 3rd week of Advent but I liked this picture...we're in 'quick clean up the house' mode now, we're winding down our shopping, we've decided on what to serve for dinner and I think I know what I'll pick up for S.

Went to take kiddo's picture with Santa last night and he 'freaked' sat there and held his arms out and screamed...'get me away from the big man...' now he's only 18 months and can't actually talk yet but that was what he was saying - no doubt!

Oh well - have a great Christmas - even if you aren't actively Christian, this week offers time in our culture to attempt to relax, re-energise, spend time with family and friends and 're-centre' for the next few months, I'm certainly going to try and take a break!


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